Whether you think Valentines’ Day is just another way to get you to spend money or a good excuse to exchange gifts with loved ones these particularly awful Valentine’s Day Gifts might give you a laugh:

Valentine's Day Gag

Valentine's Day Gag

Can you imagine anyone actually using this ridiculous “romance on a stick” mask? Valentine’s Day does bring out negative feelings in some people like the prankster who glued the doors of florist shops shut on this most critical day. I like this quote from that post:

“Why has Valentine’s Day become so centred around short-lived gifts like flowers and chocolate? For the same price as a bouquet of flowers, the romantically-minded gentleman could get his lady something far more useful. And should the lady not show her love also? Whether or not this should be in the form of a material gift is open to debate.”

Why should women be the only people receiving gifts on Valentine’s Day? If you’re going to celebrate this holiday the men deserve gifts too. See our post on Personalized Gifts for some great ideas from a gift store we can highly recommend.