What could be better for the traveler in your life than a personalized gift they can use all the time? Check out these great yet practical engraved and embossed gifts.


  1. Coffee and Tea Travel packs with insulated stainless steel thermos bottles in totes, duffels, or travel packs. (While these don’t show engraving options you could ask if they could be.  They were a good idea for those who commute so we’ve included them here anyway.)
  2. Eliminate the time and stress of changing between time zones with an Atomic Radio Controlled Travel Alarm Clock that changes itself for you. They have a nice selection starting at only $24 with three Atomic Travel Alarm Clocks that can be engraved.
  3. While actually embossed rather than engraved, someone who travels will appreciate quality leather toiletry bags and travel grooming kits.
  4. Make the hassle of airport check-in easier with Passport Holders and Airline Ticket Holders.  ($27 and up)



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