Tips on Gift Selecting

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There is one simple thing we can all do that makes the gifts we give special to the person receiving them. It turns a simple gift into something unique and memorable. Even inexpensive gift choices can become treasured keepsakes. All it takes is personalizing the gift with initials, names or a personal message.

There are numerous ways to personalize gifts: (more…)

Each of us can select perfect gifts if we pay attention to the desires of the people in our lives. Here are some truly useful tips that can ensure whatever you give will delight the person receiving it.

  • Listen – Many people verbally indicate what they would like to receive. Some even TELL US what they would really like to have.
  • Believe – Do not discount what someone specifically asks for even if you don’t think it is a great gift idea!
  • Observe – Watch what friends and family look at in magazines, on commercials, when driving around, or when out shopping.

While these may seem like simple ideas they can really make a difference. Here are a couple of real life examples where the above ideas were key to successful gift giving: (more…)

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