Black Friday pointed us to the one day only Apple Mac, iPod and iPhone Black Friday Sale. While most of the savings are not that impressive, they do offer about a third off on the M-Audio Key Studio 49:

Mac Musical Keyboard

Mac Musical Keyboard

“Great for budding musicians. Plug the KeyStudio controller into a Mac and command a library of virtual instruments in GarageBand to create a musical masterpiece.”

There are a lot of other substantially discounted peripherals – but this is a ONE DAY ONLY SALE so if you’re interested you better hurry on over.


The True Up blog is about fabric (as in sewing and the material that clothing is sewn from) so if you’re into that kind of thing you can see where they post their Black Friday Sales for Sewing Fans.

It has been a realllllyyyyyy long time since we bought fabric. They mentioned a 3 yard remnant on their site for $150! We used to buy fabric for less than a dollar a yard on sale. Isn’t this a beautiful Holiday related fabric:

Fabric Holiday Scene

Fabric Holiday Scene

Am I the only one who finds it amazing that anyone would go shopping at 4 a.m. or camp out all day on Thanksgiving to be first in the door for a Black Friday sale? Maybe I’m just not that into shopping or getting up at 3 a.m. to go out in the cold? Would YOU actually camp out or get up that early? Leave us a comment and let us know.

Over in West Seattle they’re Counting Down the Hours Until Black Friday. They’ve also got some special deals for those who shop in West Seattle.

And on the other coast we’ve got a humorous look at Black Friday with the Yankees (as in the New York Yankees and Baseball). He has some really unusual New York Yankee Logo Gift Ideas. If you like the Yankees check out these other New York Yankee Logo Gift Ideas.

If you’re in the market for an HDTV you may want to keep an eye on a LockerGnome blog called The Blade by Ron Schenone. He offers easy to understand recommendations on which type of HDTV he prefers and why in Tips for Buying the Right HDTV.

Ron is one sharp consumer and looking out for the best interest of other buyers. He spotted a new twist on an old marketing idea – add-ons you don’t need – that applies specifically to HDTV sales. Beware of HDTV Calibration Services.

He has also been scouting out the best HDTV prices as the Black Friday ads come out:

On 11/12 he posted that many were predicting dismal holiday sales of HDTVs.  That may depend on just how low the prices go.  Would you believe NewEgg is already (as of November 16) out of stock on their Black Friday special on a Cheap 42″ LCD HDTV for only $499? Ron posted that special on 11/13 so his readers had three days to find one before they sold out.

If you’re looking for great deals on HDTVs and don’t have the time to scour the Black Friday ads his blog may be “the” place to watch. It looks like the really low prices won’t wait for those that delay – even in this economy.

The above links are for what Ron has posted so far; be sure to watch his Blade Blog for additional ideas and prices on HDTVs.


Message boards all over are already commenting on the sales prices for Black Friday 2008. Many feel they aren’t much better than regular prices available. Some feel the prices for 2008 are not as good as in previous years:

And others feel the prices are better than ever:

It looks like you’ll have to judge this year’s Black Friday deals for yourself. Here’s another extensive post to help you prepare:

There are a few products that might be worth braving the crowds for if you’re so inclined:

Once you have those electronics prizes out of the way, consider giving more personal and practical gifts. With challenging economic times your friends and family could benefit more than they realize from presents chosen for their usefulness and budget stretching abilities. We’ll be posting dozens of interesting new ideas along those lines shortly.



Most people who watch television or use the Internet have probably heard of Black Friday by now. The phrase was originally used by retailers to indicate the day they became profitable for the year. (Their accounts were “in the black” instead of “in the red”.)

Less well known is that major chains publish the products and prices they plan to feature on that day months in advance. Search engines usually favor older sites which can make it a challenge to locate the deals for Black Friday 2008. Many Web sites are still showing specials from 2007 or prior years so be sure you’re viewing current information.  We’ve compiled the best sites below. (more…)