Have you been thinking about living healthier or changing what you buy to help the planet? Or maybe YOU already are doing your part but you’d love to help others without having to talk them into it? This is THE perfect gift for anyone for any occasion. We have NEVER met anyone who did not love Dr. Bronner’s Organic Almond Oil Soap.

Don’t laugh. We’re serious. I ran into someone at Whole Foods who told me about it and we have been using it ever since. This stuff smells heavenly and feels luxurious. You can soak in it or squirt a little on a loofa, sponge or poof to make a tiny bit go a verryyy long way.

Dilute it with 1/3-1/1 water and put it in your hand soap dispenser. Every time you wash your hands they’ll smell and feel soft and stay moist. I did find it was too drying to use regularly for shampoo, but just recently they started selling Hair Conditioning Cream Rinse so you can use it for that too.

Not only are all the Dr. Bronner products totally and REALLY Organic and Fair Trade – you can replace almost every other soap or detergent you use with it. Buy this one product, and replace your hand soap, bath or shower soap, laundry detergent, dish soap – even use it for general cleansing.

I suggested the Almond Oil soap because it is one of their top sellers, my personal favorite – amd most importantly I believe anyone would love it. Peppermint is their other top seller. Be careful using it in tender areas as it has a very strong aroma and causes a tingling sensation when used.

I also really like the Lavender Castile Soap. There are five other (eight in all) pure castile Dr. Bronner’s soaps including unscented Baby Mild and two new varieties I can’t wait to try: Rose and Citrus Orange.

NEW: They now have far more Organic Body Products in fancier bottles and tubes. You may wish to take the fast, easy route and select these for gifts instead of using the idea below on buying the large size to pour into smaller bottles.


Here’s an idea to make this a more elegant gift for one or share it with all your friends as a little extra unexpected present. You could even use them as stocking stuffers:

Locating pretty empty bottles turned out to be a bigger trick than one would think. Perhaps you have some attractive bottles at home to use or will come across some at you local second hand stores or yard sales. Here are some we found online that might do: