Each of us can select perfect gifts if we pay attention to the desires of the people in our lives. Here are some truly useful tips that can ensure whatever you give will delight the person receiving it.

  • Listen – Many people verbally indicate what they would like to receive. Some even TELL US what they would really like to have.
  • Believe – Do not discount what someone specifically asks for even if you don’t think it is a great gift idea!
  • Observe – Watch what friends and family look at in magazines, on commercials, when driving around, or when out shopping.

While these may seem like simple ideas they can really make a difference. Here are a couple of real life examples where the above ideas were key to successful gift giving:

  • Billy noticed that every time they picked up parts at Home Depot his friend would look at a particular wrench set. He even mentioned that “some day” he was going to buy it. The wrenches were inexpensive and he could have easily purchased them himself but he never did. (This is common.) Billy bought the wrench set for his friend’s birthday and he was thrilled. Even though they were inexpensive they were “just what he wanted” – and the giver (Billy) knew that in advance.
  • Not long before my last birthday I mentioned to a friend that I really wanted to try those Kinoki Detox Foot Pads. Even though she thought that was a really strange gift idea she was wise enough to seize the opportunity to give something she knew I wanted. She even gave me a card with a strange looking cat holding a fish with a candle on it that read “Well, it seemed to make sense when I bought it. Anyway, Happy Birthday.” She added “Well this is a “strange” birthday present but it was what you wanted! Now that is a true friend.

How many times have you wished your family or significant other would give you what you specifically asked for instead of what THEY thought you should want? The key to giving the perfect gift is to give what the receiver wants to receive – not what you think they should like!

There is still time for you to give the best gift you’ve ever given by noticing what someone loves. We’ll be adding posts with specific gifts and also ideas for people with particular loves. Want some ideas for your specific challenge? Leave us a comment and we’ll write a post just for you!