Would you like a faster way to find handmade gifts or a place to sell handmade goods you make? There are numerous online sites that provide an easy way for those who make handmade gifts to offer them directly to the public. The best known of these sites is Etsy. Around since 2005, Etsy is continually improving the usability and visibility of their site.

If you already know what you’re looking for you can use the search box or select options on the Etsy Handmade Gifts Store. If you don’t know exactly what you want, check out the Etsy Gift Guides to hone in on types of gifts, occasions, price ranges or by her, him, Mom, Dad, Children, Babies, Teens or Co-Workers. I also like to use their Gift Categories page to quickly find new gift ideas. You can also visit the Etsy blog to see gift images by category.

Etsy is also great for those who want to sell handmade gifts. Setting up your own independent store requires many unique skills and is very time-consuming. Even more important, Etsy has an established market. Any new online store must generate their own traffic and that is not nearly as simple as most might guess. Most handcrafters with a limited number of items would be far better off selling on Etsy.


While Etsy is the best known, there are actually many other sites that help those who create handmade products to sell directly to the public. Here are some of those that turned up in our research. Please feel free to comment on any of these and also to suggest any we missed.

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  • Art Fire – Well designed site currently in beta. It has a different financial model than Etsy. Instead of charging listing or commission fees, ArtFire sellers pay a monthly membership fee. Although the published fee will be $20 per month they are currently allowing craft sellers to lock-in a fee of $7 per month.
  • Artsefest Handmade Crafts – similar to Etsy but missing some of their newer features that make finding what you want simpler. Artsefest does have a large number of craft sellers so if you could find just what you want there if you look long enough. TIP: Point at Shop Now to see the categories.
  • Craftmall – easier to navigate than Artsefest with a very large selection of unique items. Try their search function (top left under their logo) or plan to spend a long time browsing. If you have small children you might be interested in the cute musical children’s benches and toy storage.
  • Handmade Catalog – attractive, easy to navigate site with lots of sellers. TIP: Click on View Complete List under Categories to see and directly visit sub-categories.
  • MadeItMyself – TIP: Click View All Categories to get a good idea what is available.
  • WhattheCraft.com and Whatthecraft Blog
  • WinkElf.com

While not specifically for handmade gifts, you may also want to search auction sites such as:





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