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Whether you think Valentines’ Day is just another way to get you to spend money or a good excuse to exchange gifts with loved ones these particularly awful Valentine’s Day Gifts might give you a laugh:

Valentine's Day Gag

Valentine's Day Gag

Can you imagine anyone actually using this ridiculous “romance on a stick” mask? Valentine’s Day does bring out negative feelings in some people like the prankster who glued the doors of florist shops shut on this most critical day. I like this quote from that post:

“Why has Valentine’s Day become so centred around short-lived gifts like flowers and chocolate? For the same price as a bouquet of flowers, the romantically-minded gentleman could get his lady something far more useful. And should the lady not show her love also? Whether or not this should be in the form of a material gift is open to debate.”

Why should women be the only people receiving gifts on Valentine’s Day? If you’re going to celebrate this holiday the men deserve gifts too. See our post on Personalized Gifts for some great ideas from a gift store we can highly recommend.

What could be better for the traveler in your life than a personalized gift they can use all the time? Check out these great yet practical engraved and embossed gifts.


  1. Coffee and Tea Travel packs with insulated stainless steel thermos bottles in totes, duffels, or travel packs. (While these don’t show engraving options you could ask if they could be.  They were a good idea for those who commute so we’ve included them here anyway.)
  2. Eliminate the time and stress of changing between time zones with an Atomic Radio Controlled Travel Alarm Clock that changes itself for you. They have a nice selection starting at only $24 with three Atomic Travel Alarm Clocks that can be engraved.
  3. While actually embossed rather than engraved, someone who travels will appreciate quality leather toiletry bags and travel grooming kits.
  4. Make the hassle of airport check-in easier with Passport Holders and Airline Ticket Holders.  ($27 and up)


Win an HP Laptop

Win an HP Laptop


Enter to win a new HP Pavilion Entertainment dv5t Laptop

All you have to do to enter is sign up for the Free Hot Deals Newsletter from Cheap Stingy Bargains and open it at least once between 11/18 and 12/2/08. The newsletter lets you know about the hottest new deals on computers and other electronics. You want to know anyway, right? And who couldn’t use a powerful new laptop?

Not feeling lucky? (Or even if you are.) Check out what our research into the best Laptop Coupons, Deals, and Bargains on the ‘Net turned up. You could find a laptop at a price you can afford.

Before you buy that laptop you have your eye on search these sites for the brand and model you want. Coupons for saving on Laptops expire quickly, so you’ll want to note the expiration date and act in time. We’ve searched for and linked only the most useful sites we’ve found – but with YOUR input this list can be greatly improved.

Do you have a better site we should include? Are any of these sites lame? Leave a comment and let us know and we’ll edit the list based on your input. Make this site a better place for you and others.





CURRENT BARGAINS and DEALS on LAPTOPS  (with and without coupons):



LAPTOP REVIEWS: pointed us to the one day only Apple Mac, iPod and iPhone Black Friday Sale. While most of the savings are not that impressive, they do offer about a third off on the M-Audio Key Studio 49:

Mac Musical Keyboard

Mac Musical Keyboard

“Great for budding musicians. Plug the KeyStudio controller into a Mac and command a library of virtual instruments in GarageBand to create a musical masterpiece.”

There are a lot of other substantially discounted peripherals – but this is a ONE DAY ONLY SALE so if you’re interested you better hurry on over.

We came across a blog called Crafting a Green World that is dedicated to Green Gifts for Crafters. We wanted to share their Handmade Holiday Green Gifts with you. If you’re into Green Crafting you may want to subscribe.

Here’s what you’ll find in their blog:

“Crafting a Green World features do-it-yourself projects that incorporate reused, recycled, and natural materials. Find knitting, sewing, crocheting, and other project ideas for eco-friendly and fashionable clothes, crafts, gifts and more.”

And a small sample of their work:

Rolling Pin Art

Rolling Pin Art

Isn’t that cool? Why didn’t I think of that?